Pet Environments

Pet Environments are like a background for your pet. There are 92 environments to unlock.
In the past environments would go with the pet from owner to owner, this no longer happens, so if you lost a couple of environments, that's why.

Now for the environments self. Below is a list with how to unlock the environments (some are pretty clear, others may seem less clear, but you might just have to keep trying). Remember that the environment goes to your primary pet. If you did what it says, but it doesn't appear in the achievement bar, your primary pet may already have it.
Note: When it says points for a game, it means the score, not the Game Tokens you get after sending.

EnvironmentNameWhat to do:
AbyssEnter an item worth 30 points or more at Stickers Fish Food
African SunsetBuild a Civet Robot Toy in your workshop
ArcticComplete a Runa's Quest
Balloon PartyGive a Mylar Dingo Balloon to a Dingo
Balloon PopHidden in Northern Woods during July and August
BambooGive Bamboo to a Panda
Bat Eared FoxGive Termite Tea to a Bat Eared Fox
BeachRandom at Sharkfather's Quest
Beary CozyComplete a Padam's Quest over "current" level 30
Blue WavesGive Dead Fish to a Dolphin
Boxing RingGive Grass Jellybean to a Kangaroo
Cat TailsWin at Slime Time
CheetahGive Mixed Meat Soup to a Cheetah
CityEnter 10 LOTD tickets at once in House of Luck
CliffGive Mushrooms to a Wild Boar
Clover FieldGive Rainbow Wind Chimes to an Otter
CrossingGive Bale of Hay to a Zebra
Dark CloudGive Storm Cloud Squeeze Toy to a Lynx
Deep OceanPurchase at Shark-o-Bell
Dog ShowGive Sheepdog Music Globe to an English Sheepdog
Dog Show FinalsGive Kuvasz Music Globe to a Kuvasz
DoghouseGive Doll House to a Bulldog
DojoBeat Tobias at Battle Stages
DungeonGive Mastiff Treats to a Mastiff
EbilGive Fireglass Angel to Lisha
EmulatorScore 3000 points or more at Baby Tennis
Eucalyptus TreeGive Eucalyptus Leaves to a Koala
Field of FlowersGive Samoyed Robot Toy to a Samoyed
FireworksScore 4000 points or more in Fishing Game
ForestPick up slime at Northern Woods
Fox DenGive Bunny Turkey Stuffy to a Gray Fox
FoxyScore 30,000 points or more in Crash Extreme
GardenWin at the Auction House
Giant TomatoesGive Seahorse Bath Toy to a Skunk
GraveyardHidden in Northern Woods during October
Grazing HillsGive Musk Ox Robot Toy to a Musk Ox
Halloween NightApply Halloween Fur Tonic on your pet during October (To Be Confirmed)
HammockGive Green Rubber Ball to a Ferret
Hollow treeGive Can of Tuna to a Raccoon
Howling WolfComplete Dark Guardian Quest
In A CageScore 20,000 points or more in Mini Bubbles
Island JungleGive Peanut Brittle to an African Elephant
Japanese GardenHidden in Northern Woods (not during May, July, August or October)
JungleAvailable at Museum's Giftshop
Leopard SpotsGive Berry Leopard Gummy to a Leopard
MangroveGive Crayfish Soup to a Snake Necked Turtle
MountainforestGive Blue Snowboard to a Malamute
Night VisionBuild Aardwolf Robot Toy in your workshop
Ocean HorizonReceive 10,000 pbs or more from Nessie
PartyAvailable at Museum's Giftshop
PeggsComplete Creepy Caves Quest
Pig PenHave a 100 cow streak in Cattle Ranch
Pigeon NestGive Sunflower Seeds to a Pigeon
Pine TreesHidden in Northern Woods during May
PolkadotsScore 500 points or more in Bubba's Blocks
Poppy FieldGive an Army Dog Stuffy to a Tibetan Yak
PorchScore 1000 points or more in Dog Catcher
Porcupine DenScore 2000 points or more in Mad Mosquitos
Rabbit BurrowGive Unpeeled Carrots to a Holland Lop
Rhine StonesBuild Rhino Robot Toy in your workshop
Sandy DunesGive Camel Treats to a Camel
Santas TripHidden at Sleigh Slots
SavannaGive Peanuts to an Indicus
Sealed Under WaterScore 5000 points or more in Bubble Bounce
Serval PrintBuild Serval Scratching Post in your workshop
ShipGive Boot full of Shrimp to a Squid
Small WorldScore 6500 points or more in Mini Match
SnowEvery time 20 Tumid's Quests are completed
SnowcapFeed Cranberries to an Arctic Fox
SpookyHidden at Spooky Slots
StableHave a 80 cow streak in Cattle Ranch
Starry NightAvailable at Museum's Giftshop
Stripes and SpotsGive Shrimp Fried Rice to a Platypus
SwampFeed Fish Soup to a Crocodile
Swiss AlpsGive Powerbeans Bernese to a Bernese Mountain Dog
TanosGet 50 or more points in a Cardgame Bonus Game
TasmaniaScore 2500 points or more in Lisha's Lunacy
TeacupGive Orange Hot Tea to a Yorkshire Terrier
Tiger StripesGive Tiger Teether to a Tiger
TornadoAvailable at Museum's Giftshop
ToypoodleScore 500 points or more in Dog Catcher
ToyroomScore 300 points or more in Dog Catcher
Tree BranchGive Royal Nectar to a Spotted Cuscus
TreetopsPut an unbuyable item in Springfield
Tropical TreeScore 1500 points or more in Chameleon Catcher
UnderwaterAvailable at Museum's Giftshop
ValleyComplete a Sheepherder's Quest
WindowGive Maine Coon Pop to a Maine Coon
Winter CityWin a Blind Silent Auction Box
Wolverine PawsGive Power Lamb to a Wolverine
Wool SocksComplete a Lisha's Quest
ZooComplete a Zookeeper's Quest

Note: This list will be double checked. If you find an environment to be incorrect, please let me know. Most of these have been double checked, but you never know.