Pegg and Shell Hunt

What is it?
It's just a search for Peggs (April) or Shells (July-August).
On the right sidebar you will see the counter xx/xx. If you click on this counter you will find more information.
If you are hunting for peggs or shells, the pegg or shell will appear in the area of the counter if you are on the right place. To collect the pegg/shell, you have to click on it.
People also give hints on beginners forum, so it's best to keep an eye on both the leaderboard (batch amount is stated at the top of this) and on beginners board.

And I warn you, sometimes batches go very fast, so you may be on the right location, but others were quicker :(

Below you can go to either a list in alphabetical order or a list by city.
If you keep CTRL pressed while clicking on the links, you are able to open multiple links.
Note: The links are set for the main server (www), if you are logged into dev, you won't be able to use these lists until you log in on the www-server.