Non Retired Books

Non Retired Books can be bought in the site book shops. Below is a list with all non retired books sorted by the shop it comes from and alphabetically.

Book HavenBuy The BookLilroo's BookstoreXiang Books
10 Steps to Getting RichA $20 Powerbuck LessonA Bad Summer DreamA Conishabelle Tale
A Broken PromiseA Caterpillars DanceA Ballad of Two FriendsA Destined Meeting
A Christmas MiracleA Childhood StoryA Bark fo Another KindA Gray Fox Named Courage
A Circle FormedA Christmas to RememberA Beginners Guide 2 LopsA Meow_Two Tale
A Collie StoryA Dangerous GameA Boy and his DogA Nova Wallet
A Cosmo Bear PoemA Holland Lop ChristmasA CootieBug HalloweenA Red Foxes Toy
A Cutie_Cat HalloweenA Horse StoryA Couple of CousinsAdventure of Bellakay
A Daughters Love for her MomA Lesson Learned The Hard WayA Day and A LifeAdventures for Fluffy2
A Dream Come TrueA Muddy GardenA Day at Binkie BeachAdventures Prelude
A Few Seconds LeftA Poem for my OwnerA Day at the BeachAge and Time
A Fireopal QuestA Riksja DriverA Fearless TopazAjaxlan Loves Toys
A Friend ForeverA River of TroubleA Fight to the DeathAkalas Story
A Gift from the SkyA Secret ProjectA First for ShanaraAll I Wanted to See
A Guide to be the BestA Short Easter TaleA Fox Helps Pets EscapeAll That Matters
A Home for SentraA Simple WishA Friend Like SunriseAlvac Bush
A Joke on MumA Teardrop TaleA Gift Truly RememberedAlways and Forever
A Kuvasz StuffyA Test of True LoveA Glowing PadamAmbrose Adventure
A Lesson for HannaA Trip to the TempleA Halloween To RememberAn Elf Named Jasmine
A Lesson LearnedAdoptionA Hero In The RainAngn and Mirris Big Adventure
A Little LoveAdventure of SnowA Kingdom for a PlayAnother Scolding
A Little Pink BearAdventures of Mara 1A Lesson about FearArthonus at a Horse Show
A Little Too LateAll I Ever WantedA Lesson in LossArthonus Perfect Christmas
A Mini Encyclopedia of MinisAll That He HadA Lonely Gray FoxAtermion: Beginning
A New BeginningAllergic SamoyedA Miracle Gone WrongBad Baby!
A New Friend for JakeAmrikaA Mystery in New BarkstonBad Owner
A Painting in a Haunted HouseAmy Has a New FriendA New FamilyBarkston Chronicles
A Powerpets PoemAn Easter TaleA Pawful of MiraclesBarren Road
A Samoyed Just Like MeAn Everlasting FriendshipA Place to Call HomeBath Time Horror
A Second ChanceAn Ode to Simply DeliciousA Power Pets DayBattle of Barkston
A Shooting StarAn Unexpected PresentA Rottweiler and MutaratBattle On
A Strange ToyArikainA Search for a BeetleBeautyBlacks Easter Magic
A Toggi TripBack to NormalA Shopping TripBecause of a Puppy
Accidents Will HappenBack To The Real WorldA Snowy ValentineBeing the Easter Collie
Addicted to ShoppingBackyard Fright of BunnyA Song of SnowBella Has a Birthday
Adventure of a LifetimeBackyard Snowball FightA Special Clutch of EggsBelle Alicom
Adventures of Dusty the PupBanned From the LibraryA Spring CleaningBest Big Sister Ever
Airies DreamBattle at the LibraryA Storm of a DreamBet
AlbinoBattle for SerenityA Sword for MicahBetter to Be Nice
Alien and AliumBeam of HopeA Tournament of KingsBig Accident
Almost too LateBear the FerretA Trucker Finds A TreasureBig Bad Collie
Always low on Money?Becoming a Big SisterA Valuable LessonBig Ferrets Little Poem
Am I Made of Money?Before New BarkstonA Vampire in New BarkstonBirthday Presents
Ambitious SamoyedBefore the HatchingA Whale of a TimeBlack Snow
Amelia the Chubby BearBehind the House of PadamAbandoned GloryBloody Fire
Amethyst Poetry 1Bell the HeroAbandoned PetsBlue Goo Mystery
AmoroqBeneath South LakeAbout MinisBlue Ribbon
Amulet of Flight 1Best Easter EverAbuseBond of Friendship
Amulet of Flight 2Best Friend of LilyAdventure for CootieBugBorkys Valentine Wish
Amulet of Flight 3Best Friends PoemsAdventure of IceBoyfriend Shopping
An Act of KindnessBlindingLights FriendsAfter a Dog is BeatenBroken Dream
An Ordinary Day or NotBlood MoonAfter Summer SurpriseBroken Snowblower
An Unexpected SurpriseBounceAhh! Its Alive!Brother for Evo
And the Winner is...Brighter FlamesAkias Valentine DayBrush Fire: Youth
Animal CrueltyBrightest StarAlex and DillanBubba Buddha Takes a Break
Anny and JessicaBroken Ankle ChristmasAll About FerretsBubby Knows All
Any Good Books?Brother for TrykAll AloneCalyas Tricky Red Fox
Approaching Padams ShackBulldog is ThankfulAll He Wanted Was LoveCassis Life Lesson
ArenaBunny Bird of EasterAll I HaveChat Room Etiquette
Arfelines SisterBurdened BladeAloneCheeks Christmas Search
Arfelines TourButchAlone One NightChibis Egg Hunt Mystery
Ask Instead of TakingCaira the StarAlvac and the KnightChi-Ca
Attack of the CroutonsCake Fight!Alvac Saves a TreeChicken!!!
Awakened UnicornCall it DestinyAlways in My HeartChristmas by Myself
Bad Dreams!Caring for your Powerpet 1Am I ReadyChristmas Caroling
Basic Shopkeeping TechniquesCatch a CloudAm I The Best?Christmas Eve Poem
Battle of Bulldog 1CharmsAmbitionsChristmas for The Rave
Battle of Bulldog 2Chasing GekkieAmulet of RevengeChristmas Hinting
Battle of the MiniCherry Gummies for TikiAn Active ImaginationChristmas Morning for Ivy
Battling BabiChip Not ChipmunkAn Angel in DisguiseChristmas of FoxyRoxy2003
Baxters First FightChristmas AchievementAn Interview with NovaChristmas of Hope
Bazzbis HalloweenChristmas AloneAnaiys PetChristmas of Redbone
BC - Little PiggyChristmas Eve in NBAngelic HolidayChristmas Soup
Be Kind, It PaysChristmas FerretAnticipationChristmas Tale of Grandma
Be The Best ShopkeeperChristmas LectureAre You Addicted to PP?Christmas Wish for Tibra
Beautiful Golden EggChristmas of QuietSunshineAre You My Momma?Christmas Wish of Saskia
Becoming a ChampionChristmas SurpriseArena FrenzyCircle of Life
Becomint the BestChristmas TreatAurons First AdventureCity of Hydraqua
Behind Door Number TwoChristmas Wish Come TrueAurons Second AdventureClareesh the Fox
Beloved MiniClose CallAustralian Pony AdventureCloud Wings
Beryl the SamoyedCloud NineAutograph HoundCollection of Rejection
Best Christmas EverClub Quiz QuizzesAveryCollie Canyon
Best of FriendsCold Dark LonelinessAwesome Display In The SkyCollie Who Was Not
Best Team of New BarkstonCollistos StoryBad Day for GekkieColor of Fire
Beware of the DogColored Spring LoveBe AfraidColorful Summer
Beyond ToysCompeting for AttentionBe Proud of What You DidComets Secret
Big Wide WorldCourage and FriendshipBedtime TalesContent Kaikura
Bini and BizkitCPR and MouthwashBehind The Golden WallCount Von Tryk
Birthday BookCrystal and FightningBeing HomeCouple of Tricksters
Blaze_HuskerCultural DifferenceBeing More UnderstandingCreampuff Valentine
Born DifferentCursedBeneath the Secret RoomCuddly Attack
Braeyanne and Other PoemsCute Yellow BunnyBeneath the StarsCunning Magistrate
Brief Overview of ColliesDaffodilsBest April Fools EverCurse of te Witch
Bunny-napped!Daisies KiteBest BudsDark Guardian Discovered
Buy! Buy! Buy!DapwoodBest CamperDark Survivor
Caara the CollieDark Fire ChristmasBestest Christmas EverDark Times: Old Barkston
Cal told a Lie!Dark Guardian Amulet 2Betrayed Red Fox Feels AloneDarkness in New Barkston
Calidore LostDark Site of Each MoonBeyond the FenceDarkness of the Heart
Camilles BirthdayDark VoidBig Move for PixeaDaughter of the Wind
Can we go Shopping Now?Darkened Woods 1Big TroubleDeath of a Grandmoter
Can You Make the Difference?Darkened Woods 3Big Win Finds A FriendDedicated to All of 9-11
Candy and LollyDas Has a QuestBirthday SurpriseDedicated to My Dog
Cardboard BoxDashing DamianoBittersweet TaleDervin
Caring for SamoyedsDay WithinBlack AngelDesert Journey
Case of the Missing CherriesDear Diary 1Black LadyDesperate Hour for Ikan
CassDental Floss of Doom!!Black Paint LakeDestiny of Leferd
CassieDepths of South LakeBlossoms in the SnowDetective Sox 4
CelestriaDetective DannyBombs AwayDiamond for my Owner
Cerulian - Part 1Dicey StoryBoo!!!Different But The Same
Cerulian - Part 2Diggerella Gets ScrambledBooys Backyard 2Digging is a Life Saver
Cerulian - Part 3Disco Jess Meets a FerretBorn DeafDo Not Brag
Changes 1Douglas the SamoyedBracing for BracesDont You Care
Changes 2Dragon SomaliBreezDouble-Dog Dare
Changing ColorsEaster EvolutionsBugzillaDream Fighter
Cherry BlossomsEaster for the AnimalsBulldog and his HornsDream of New Barkston
Chibi Starry BearEaster GiftBully PackDreams for the Future
Child of the ColliesEaster StrayBullyingEaster Eggs Attack
Chloe was GreedyEaster TreasureBusy Day for Baby JumboEaster Lop
Chocolate KissesEaster True MeaningCadences Big FrightEaster on my Own
Christmas Gift for SamEaster Visit with GrandmaCandy Hearts: The AddictionEaster Project
Christmas to RememberEbil AmyCaprica and the Red AlvacEat Your Dinner!
City DwellerEbil Easter SurpriseCarrot-TopiaEgg Craze
City GuideEgg TrailCase of the Missing PetsEggs
Clash of the FlashElemental DiamondsCase of the Missing RakesEmpty Pawed
Classy PlanElla and NightfireCastle By The SeaEnd of an Era
Close EncounterEmployers OnlyCaught in the RainEnigma Crystal
Clovers for CloverEverlasting FriendsCerulian - Part 4Escaped Criminal
Collie CelebrationEvery MornChablis Could Not DanceEternias Dream
Collie in the Haunted HouseEverythingChanceEvery Pet Finds Love
Collie Legends 1Evil FerretChanging of the GuardianEvery Sherlock
Collie PoemExileChemmy my KoalaEvil Hamsters Attack
Continuing OnExperience with Padams ShackCherised TimeEvil Puzzle
Cosmos ExperienceEye of IsisCherry GumdropEvolutions Easter Egg
Creature: The Monster ReturnsEye of the BeholderChinese WaterdragonEvolutions Incubator
Crysalis and Easter LopFabled HeroesChristmasFabled Samoyed Cove
Crystals of MagicFateful MeetingsChristmas MemoryFairy Folk
Crystals Race 1Fifteen MinutesChristmas StoryFairy Tale
Crystals Race 2Finally HomeChristmas Tree HuntFall of Serpenton
Crystals Race 3Finding a HomeCleaning DayFamilies of Sonoma
Crystals Race 4Finding KirellianCoconut and the 7 KuvaszFascinating Twitchmonkeys
Curse of the ChairFire at the PoundCollin the Lazy CollieFate, Glory, and Hope
Dandy, the Shop-a-holicFire Comes to LightComing HomeFerret Gang Returns
Dangerous KnowledgeFire WalkersCoon Cat TalesField Trip
Dared to Do ItFirefly Staff 5Cootiebug Breaks The CurseFiery Fox
Dark Gold makes a DecisionFirst Christmas for HarleyCootieBug Meets The OgreFind Me
Dark Guardian AmuletFirst Christmas ShowCootieBugs First ThanksgivingFinding a Lost Heart
Dark Guardian Amulet 3First Day of SchoolCreepy AdventureFinding Timothy
Darkened Woods 2First Stuffy for TasteeCure for Writer BlockFirelight
DarknessFlight for ArgyleDaecals Great AdventureFive Ways to Make Money
Darn Ebil Bear!For Honour and InnocenceDale Visits PadamFluffy2 in the Library
Dawniegirls MemoirsForever SeikuDancing HamsterForbidden Valentine
Daydream BelieverFortune FightDanger CaveForever Free
Deed of Magical_CrystalFrealia Makes A FriendDark DeliveranceFour Seasons of Thieves
Defending MeverthFridays DestinyDark LoyaltyFoxwyk Folly
Dels Journey in NB 1Friend in NeedDark OrbFriends Do Matter
Dels Journey in NB 2Friend of a DemonDarkblazes 2: Duck ToyFriendship Never Dies
Dels Journey in NB 3Fuzzy Wuzzy KuddlekinsDarkblazes: The Secret RoomFrom Within
Destyni CooperGekkarriciaDay Off for MedusaFyreStormes New Stuffy
Detective DakinsheGekkie GivesDeath of a Good FriendGekkies Fun with Fur Tonics
Detective Sox 1Gekkie Goes WildDestinyGekkies Great Uncle Bruno
Detective Sox 2Gekkies Easter HelperDiamond in the MudGibbon Known As Eshe
Detective Sox 3GekkiesvilleDifferenceGift - American Tradition
Diary of a SamoyedGhostly MurdererDiscovering SpringGift for Angel
DifferentGiant Egg SurpriseDiscovery of SierrahGift of Friendship
Dino is a Shop AddictGift for KiskaDistortedGilda and Dawen
DisobedienceGift of the MotherDitty of Padam SnideGoing Home At Last
Divas MysteryGimme all your PBucks!Do I DareGood Morning America
DK and KatGive Them All A ChanceDogs to the RescueGoodbye Old Fur
Do You RememberGlazinnDragon and PhoenixGoofy Poem
Dogtale the Collie 1Glorious EggsDragon GreedGorby
Dont be ScammedGoids Story 2Dragons of Power PetsGorby: The Runaway
Dont Believe What You HearGoids Story 5Dream of ShackklesGradys Daring Excursion
Dont Judge a BookGoodwill for EasterDreaming of SnowGrandpa Somali Tells a Tale
Doomed 1Grandest Christmas PartyDreamsGreat Treasure
Doomed 2Grandpa GekkieDreams Can HappenGrossed Out Gekkie
Dr. EvolvoGray Foxes Dont Drink CreamEarning the Right to LiveGuardian Angel
Dr. Rignor HowlsGreatest Place to BeEaster Earns An EggGuide to the Power Boards
Dragon TalesGreedy ArthonusEaster EggspectationsHappy Birthday Lang Lang
Drakes Collie CreationsGuide to Evolutions 1 - 2Egg Behind the ShedHappy Together
Drakes Evil CreationsGuide to Great PP FriendsEgg MysteryHarebell the Warrior Hare
Dreams Can Come TrueGuide to the WitchEgg of HofstadterHarry has a Bizarre Day
Duel for New BarkstonHandful of QuartzEggtastic SurpriseHave Courage Abby
Dumb Old HazzardHappy Easter to AllEmily and the White PonyHave Faith
Dusty Runs AwayHappy New Hope DayEnd of Summer TermHayl
Easter Bunny WarningHeart of IceEnlightenmentHeadstrong
Easter CourageHermit and MagnusEssence I: AuroraHeart Cake for Mom
Easter in a New TownHero Samoyed 1EvanderHeart of Gold
Easter SonnetsHero Samoyed 2Evander 2Heart Stone
Easter Treasure HuntHidden ArmoryEvolutions PoemHer Gift
Easy PreyHome for ChristmasExplorerHidden in the Mist
Eat Slime Improve StrengthHome for RhomadakaExplorersHidden Rainbow
Ebil DiseaseHoney has a New BabyExploring the CaveHidenka
Ebil Easter BunnyHonor and LoyaltyExploring the Northern WoodsHikarru and Lanfear
Ebil FairyHorseback Riding LessonEye of the TigerHolmer by the Chair
Ebil TailHospital in New BarkstonEye SoreHoly Pockets!
Ebony Ebil BearHow Easter BecameFaerabel and the 1000 pbsHorse Wish For Christmas
Elemental Forces 1How Hazzard Got So CrankyFaerabel Goes To WorkHot Summer
Elemental Forces 2How to Write a ResumeFall FairHow I Found Silver
Elemental Forces 3Hunter of the SunFalling SnowHow Much Do They Love Me?
Elemental Forces 4I Love WinterFamily LoveHow to Get the Goods
Elemental Forces 5I Will Carry YouFamily TraditionHow to Write How-To Books
Elemental Forces 6Ilsa, Lone FerretFerret and... flowers?How Xiang Chung-Shi Came to Be
Elemental Forces 7In Remembrance of ThingsFetchHunter Lop
Elzpeth 2In the FireplaceFinding the Perfect PetI Have a Secret
Emerald EyeIn The Heart Of A WolfFire ColliesI Think of You
Erid Has One WishInspirationFire Fox: The Heat IdolI Will Keep Her Knowledge
Escaping RaznokInto the FlamesFireFeatherI Will Never Forget You
Everests Easter SurpriseInvestigation of the Armory 2First BattleIce Caves
Ebil EbilInvestigation of the Armory 3First DateIcy Cold
Fairness and EqualityIsland of TerrorFirst Snow for DaisieIdris the Brave
Faith as Good as Her NameIthildraugs StoryFlitIf I Could Be
Fear!Jaramiyas Lucky DayFlower QuestIgnorance Is Best
Feeling BlueJerans FerretFor YouImadil Cries
Ferret PoemsJohn the Hero of TimeForest of ShadowsImpossible Christmas Wishes
Ferret Stealing GangJonah and the Magic Easter EggForeverIn the Darkness
Finding the Perfect CostumeJourney to Elephant CityForever and For alwaysIn With The Trash!
Fire StoneJourney to FriendshipForever in my HeartIt Started with Fireball
Firedogs HalloweenJsujsus ToysForever MortenziaIt Was So Unfair
Fire StoneJust Off the Power TempleForgetfulIts Not Stealing!
Firedogs HalloweenJust One WishFormation of the LibraryIzzas Adventure
Firefly Staff 1Karries LossFragment Of A StarJack and the Beanstalk
Firefly Staff 2Keeper of StormsFreedom FireJeremys Samoyed Poetry
Firefly Staff 3KeesonFriend or Foe?Just Like Me
Firefly Staff 4Kidnapping in New Barkston?FriendsKatias 1st Holiday Season
Firefly Staff 6Kidnapping of Sugar_SallyFriends Until te EndKiakas Fear
Firefly Staff 7Kitkat IncidentFriendshipKiskas Surprise
Fireworks FrenzyKrashFrom Black Hole to NovaKitten Rescue
First Christmas for DaggerKuramas NovelFrom Husker to CollieKnights of New Barkston
Flamido DreamsKuryu: The Mirror of YoshiFrostys Halloween SurpriseKuvasz Tale
FLE j26 - Loyal?Kyssyla in MoonlightGalworts Pet LeafLabby Saved My Life
Flower FieldLakeside RescueFame of LifeLast Elven Samoyed
Flowers in the Wind 1Land of PeaceGangsta PP Fame: Vol. 1Laughter Festival
Flowers in the Wind 2Last Puzzle PieceGekkies GreedLearning About Choices
Follow the StarsLate For The HuntGekkies Greed Teaches LessonLeft Alone
Follow Your DreamsLegend of Big WhiteGem of a GiftLegend of Setonon
Football GameLet Go Of MeGetting a New LifeLegend of the Forces
Forest NewsLex: Dream Come TrueGetting te Night StoneLeopards Tale
Found at the PoundLiane DiscoversGift Or CurseLeprechaun Gold
Fox and TortoiseLike a PrisonerGlaciersnowLeSrAm EiNeV: LovE StoRy
From My Eyes to My EarsLily2003 AdventuresGlowing BugsLet the Game Begin
Gekkies Easter EggLittle BrotherGo to the TopLetting Go
Getting SteelLittle Sister Gets SickGoing RogueLife Alone
Ghost of ThigleaLong Lost BrotherGold for ShortLife is a Song
Gift That Led to a MiracleLong Way DownGonnard the GibbonLife is Good
Gift with a SurpriseLooking for a New MasterGraduation DayLife of a Powerpet
Gift with KindnessLost Princess of SwiftiaGrand Adventure of StevieLilRuss and Her Day Out
Gifts EverlastingLove of My LifeGreat Hills of XiangLilRuss and Her Toys
Giving ChristmasLovely PoemsGreat Winter AdventureLittle Bit of Love
Glowing WaterLoyal SweetieGreedy Gekkie Gets GiftsLittle Blue Riding Hood
Goids Story 1Lunaria the Star GazerGrumpy RamblesLittle Boys with Snow
Goids Story 3Maemos Second FreedomGuidelines for Book HuntingLittle Kuvasz Christmas
Goids Story 4Magic BattleGuidelines to ContestLittle Mystery Solvers
Golden CityMagic HappensGumtree in KimberrooLittle Somali Twins
Golden LakeMagic NeedlesGust of WindLittle Squirt
Golden Space Rod DiscoveryMagic PotionHalloween AdventureLittle Wooden Collie
Gone FishingMagical AppleHalloween for RabbizLittle Wooden Collie 2
Good Old DaysMagical QuestHalloween HorrorLizzie and Carlos
Good PeopleMaine Coon in a ShackHalloween Is HauntedLonely Maine Coon
Grand AdventureMany Blooms for a TuneHalloween LessonLost City of Pickle Pets
Gray Foxes and Lost GirlsMariettes Toy TroubleHalloween Pet Safety TipsLost Frontier
Great AdventuresMatanuska MemoriesHalloween TaylesLost in the Lake
Great WarriorMaxs First EasterHalloween TragedyLost in the Northern Woods
Greener GrassMeeting My Powerpets IdolHalloween TrickLost Kitty in the Big Woods
Greyist Day of My Life 1Meggsie the HeroHaving CourageLost Not Yet
Greyist Day of My Life 2Menace, the CollieHazzard HalloweenLost Samoyed Pup
Grow Your Own WingsMenoHeart and Mind with HorseLove Between Two Species
Grrr!Midnight AdventureHeart The ExplorerLove Takes Time
Guide to Evolutions 3 - 4Mini Book of MinisHeartsLoyal Flame
Guide to Kimberroo CavesMischievousHeavens Grocery StoreLucias Adventures
Guide to the SwapsMom Will Never KnowHofstadter and the TubaLucky Christmas
Gypsy WitchMr. DavisHolland Lop LostLyle Helps at Christmas
Hacker AttackMr. Fish TaleHome Is Where The Heart IsMacie
Haelies AdventureMr. JantorHome NowMadasons Adventure
HalloweenMud Covered Red FoxHorse CareMaemo Missing
Halloween FestivitiesMuddy Christmas FootprintsHorse of a Different SizeMagic Bond
Halloween HuntingMuffinbutt has a WishHouse on Kimberroo HillMaiden of the Blue Moon
Halloween NightMy Dog, FrostyHow to Become EliteMail Call
Halloween on EasterMy Little AradonHow to Get the Goods 2Make It To The Incubator
Happy and Healthy PetsMy Unique KuvaszHowling WindMaking Linkie Listen
Happy Young SomaliMy Wish List has Failed MeHumiliating LessonManaging The Gray Fox
Haunted HillMystery at South LakeHyou and to EyyeMarigaia Mountains
Having a Happy PetMystic WaterfallsI am AfraidMarSel VenIe
Hayl and the Stolen EggNanochka at South LakeI Am So TiredMax, the Desk Dog
Hayls DreamNatasha Takes the DareI Like Me As I AmMe and My Collie
Heart of the Forest 1Nayru at the LibraryI Will Love You AlwaysMe and My Ferret
Heart of the Forest 2NBs First ChristmasIce Skating in South LakeMe Too!
Heart of the Forest 3Nearlost PrincessIeiskrystalMeaning of Friendship
Heart of the Forest 4Nedellie Has A Slime QuestIm Not Very OriginalMetal Wonderland
Heaven Lost An AngelNeglectImpressionsMetalKit for Christmas
Help the PoundNero and Doom DayIn Search of MeMilitary School
Hennas First EasterNever Forget You, MamaIn the Deep ShadowsMini Me
Henrys Easter SurpriseNever Give UpInto The WoodsMinachi Finds and Egg
Hidden ThoughtsNever MovesInvasionMiracle of Easter
Hidden TreasureNew Barkston Easter HuntIt Was All a DreamMiracle of Ricko
History of the CollieNew Barkston PoetryIt Was MeMissing Pearls
Hollys StoryNew Color for MistJaina Finds A HomeMists Easter
Honor and Loyalty 2New Country StarJamies Magical AdventureMitsubishi
House on 12th StreetNew Friend for Max and JaxxJealous Red FoxMolly, Ownerless Dog
How Good is your Food - Part 1New HopeJourney to a FriendMona Helps Out
How I Got My Third PetNew Owner for HoneybunnJourney To The Grooming ParlorMoon and All the Stars
How to be the BestNixy, Chester, Amy and DukeJoy of Serving OthersMoons Woodland Quest
How to Get and Save BucksNo More Chocolate for YouJumbuck the YowieMorning Before Christmas
How to Master the BladeNo Place Like HomeKatali and the Magic CrystalMost Precious Christmas
Hunt for NessieNot a Good WeaponKeeper of the ElementsMost Useless Book Ever
Hunt for the Easter BunnyNot PerfectKeeping a PromiseMoving to Town
Husker HolmesNot So Angry LibrarianKeeson and the New ArenaMuch Abandoned Samoyed
I am Not a WeaponNova has a DreamKiatos MissionMy Little Buddy
I am SO BeautifulNova has MishapsKidnappingMy Name is Josephine
I Never get What I WantNovas SecretKindness Goes a Long WayMy New Owner
I was AfraidOceanMistKing RihMysterious Egg
I will always RememberOld Habits Die HardKirri Finds An EggMysterious Hidden Cave
Ice DragonOld PalsLady Was My DogMysterious Orb 1
Iceris Great GiftsOnce A Year ChristmasLarynMystery of Storage Room B
Icicles Sad EndOnly a Stuffed SockLast Road from NowhereMystery: The Beginning
Icing on te EggOodles of PoodlesLeading to LoveMystic Sword
If I Had a HeartOofa the Orphan 1Learning to TrustMyth of Legendary Defenses
Im New, What do I Do?Operation Bunny in HidingLeave Me AloneNaming Your Pet
In Days of OldOribo the MysticLegend of CeranaNarrow Escape
Investigation of the Armory 1Our Town, Our MysteryLegend of the Night StoneNaughty Semi Devil
Investigation of the Armory 4Out of LuckLegend of the RangersNever Feed the Dragon
Is it True? 1Padam SpeaksLesson of MacyNever Go To Padams Shack
Is it True? 2Padams RevengeLet Us RollNever Meant To Be
Is it True? 3Panic in Storage Room BLibbie and the MinisNew Barston Cabby
Its a Cats LifePart of the PackLibbie of the ForestNew Look at Christmas
Jacob and JerryPenny CatLibbie the HeroNew Mysteri
Jax WinsPerhapsLibrarian LoveNext Door Somali
Jealousy over a Velvet BearPet for a FoxLife Pays for Doing GoodNo Pet Left Behind
Jelly and SlimePet on the HillLil Roos Secret AdmirerNo Problem, Pal
Jessica and VeronicaPet Shop KittenLittle Berry Maine CoonNo Shelter for Bangs
Jewles Goes Diamond HuntingPets Are for LifeLittle Lost PieNorthern Woods Armory
Johnathan WoodsPlumCherrys New Sister 1Little Wooden Collie 3Northern Woods Horror
Journey by South LakePluto the FoxLong ForgottenNot Enough Time
JupiterPoetry of the StuffyLooking For LoveNot So Dainty Collie
Just Past the RainbowPoor But Not GreedyLoony LawsNova Goes Broke
Kabbie: Most Popular Red FoxPound SomaliLost and Ancient TalesNova the Thief
Kate and IPower of the Fire RodLost in a Sea of WhiteNovas New Wallet
Katia and her First HalloweenPower of the PrismLost RopeOboe Told You So
Katrin 1PowerPet PoundLost Somali KittenOddball Omar
Katrin 2PowerPet-a-holicsLove Overcomes EverythingOf My Heart
Katrin 3PowerPets Party!Love Overpowers AngerOh Well, That is Life!
Katrin 4PowerPets Toyland FoundM and NOld Collie
Katrin 5Presents for ChristmasMagic MarchOld Red Book
Katrin 6Prince TryamletMaine Coon SistersOne and the Same
Katrin 7Princess Saila MoonMarina and the PearlOne Day at the Park
Katrin 8Prism Pride 2Marina and the RobbersOnlaya
Keeping New BarkstonQuest of MikomiMaybe Wishes Come TrueOrigin of Ebil
Keli, the Shop-a-holicRainbow BridgeMended HeartsPadam and the Ferret
Kierrn the CollieRainy VisitorMermaids PathPadam Shack History
Kimbler: The BeginningRate Those Books!Metaphorically SpeakingPadams Christmas
Kimbys DreamRecess SurpriseMetor and Roo: T.A.O.KPadams Shack - The Truth
KindnessReclaiming the StuffyMewis and Bark ExplorersParners in Crime 1
Kira, the Wild SamoyedRescuing SamoyedMimiPatience and Time
KiruruReturn to South LakeMina and the Mini CityPeer Pressure
KismetRoad to TruthMinilantis: The Lost CityPenny
Kora and the Magical WishesRock-ItMinisPenny has a Box
Krystals Valentine PoemRoleplaying TipsMirror MonsterPeoplePedia - Staff
Kuvasz ChristmasRuby PrinceMisadventures of Red SquadPet Ponies 1: New Student
Kuvasz the StuffyRusty in the ArenaMisjudgedPicnic Surprise
KuvieRyono the BookwormMisunderstandingsPinball Player
KyoushaSally and TabyMitsy and MePink Plastic Glass
Kyras Tiny TeddySame Old Fresh CarrotMom Lasts ForeverPlot of Padam
KyrzaSammy Meets PadamMommyPoem - A Heart of Gold
LabbinaSanctuaryMontecorePoem - Gekkie and Novas Walk
Labrine the SamoyedScaredy-Red FoxMoon GlacierPoems for Sammie
Lainis ChoiceSearch for the Power RockMoonRae and the MummyPolar
LanaskaSecret FriendshipMoonRae in the SnowPopular Crowd
Large Fuzzy BananaSequel to WildfireMoony Breaks a BonePound for Abandoned Pets
Leader of the PackSerenipity - The Lost GodMoony Gets A SurprisePower Map
Learn to FlySerpentMopsis IslandPower of Christmas
Lee is LostSet Me FreeMovingPowerBucks the Lazy Way
Legend of a Warrior 1Shadowed PastMr. BaddyPrecious and Smithers
Legend of a Warrior 2Shadows of the NightMy Back Foot ForwardPup Named Scrab
Legend of Shadow CreaturesShanibell Gets an EggMy Dog, AnaksalamonPuppy Mill Puppies
Legend of the First ColliesSheba Crosses OverMy First Library CardQuest of Life 1
Legend of the Red StoneSheline the CollieMy Name Was RalphQuest of Life 2
Legend of the Snow SistersShorty and the BearMy Own Little BeachQuicksand
Lemurrs New HomeSierra has a Greedy PetMy Own MiniRaichiro
Lets Talk SlimeSignpost Up AheadMy Unforgettable DayRare Stuffy
Life, oh LifeSillicaMyonerus JourneyReal Meaning
Light and DarkSilver the SamoyedMysterious Easter EggRedDawg and Phoenix
Light or GloomSlime and StrengthMystery of Red FoxReject
Light_FootSnowflakes AdventureMystery, Ghosts, PadamRescuing the Power Bucks
Lightnings AccidentSnowy Girl AdventureNamesake of KatinaResearching Gray Fox
Lilli and BearsSocks of SockNasrin Gets a HomeResident Ebil
Litninbolt the GeniusSomali TragedyNever Ending NightmareReturn of Mary Mary
Little Girl LostSomnaire: Winter WonderlandNew Camera for SycicRevenge of the Labrador
Little HaroldSonic and AnnieNew Found TreasureRich or Poor
Living in a Glass HouseSorrows of an AssassinNew Heros in NewbarkstonRide Along with Slushbucket
Lonely Cuddly Finds a HomeSorry I Broke ItNew Home for Chaotic CrocRogues Star
Lonely FoxSpoiledNew Year Party of LehannaSabrina has a Toothache
Lord HiskerSpring BeautyNightmare of NovaSafe Place
LornSpring Birthday DisasterNiley and the GenieSaika Explains Christmas
Lost and FoundSpring ChaosNirvana, Bringer of EbilSaint Nick and Aurianna
Lost HopeStaff Stuffy TakeoverNo More KissesSale Day at the Parlor
Lost in Maze of WondersStart of My New FamilyNora Caught In The RainSally Small Wish List
Lou the Red AlvacSticky MarathonNoras Beautiful JewelSamantha, Young Sheepdog
Loupie Wins!Stuffy for SallyNot so ForeignSamanthas Sales Kit
Love and LindSweet Home AlabamaNot The VetSamara Saves The City
Love at First SightTabitha the SomaliNothing To DoSamoyed Ice 2
Love, Lonely CollieTale of the Maine CoonNova and the Dust StormSamoyed Visits His Home
LystiaTangerineNova Gets a Date with NoraSasil and Tauntrol
Magical PowerIceTeddy Makes a FriendNova Gets FiredSassys Halloween
Maine Coon Love StoryThanksgiving TearsNova LoveSave our Wildlife
Malla the FerretThat ToyNova Needs A HelmetScarlet Egg
MamamaThe Best/Worst Easter EverNova Strikes BackSea Monster Cave
Mastering the Stock MarketThe Burst of SpringNovas Bad Fur DaySecret Cave
MieshaThe ChekeroNovas HatSecret Friendship 2
Mindflawn and StarThe Christmas StoryNovas VisionSecret of Love
Minis Guide to PhilosophyThe Dark Kingdom Book 1Now and ForeverSelfish Coon
Miracle GuyThe DreamOld GraySerenity, Simply Put
Miracle KuvaszThe EditorOn A Dreary Spring DaySeventy-Three Squared
Misguided StoryThe Egg of DoomOn Nova IslandShadows of the Night 2
Missing Easter BunnyThe Enchanted LopOne in a MillionShamara the Samoyed
MisunderstoodThe Fisher BoyOnly Five DollarShanx
MiyaxThe Flower ChairOpening DaySharing and Eggs
Mole RepellantThe Getaway CarOperation Mini-EweShattered Dreams
Molly MouseThe Great Egg SearchOrchids of InnocenceShootout in East NB
Molly the CollieThe Haunted HouseOverview of Collie RescuesSick
Morning StrollThe Hayrack RidePadam in KimberrooSilver Drake
Movie Theatre MadnessThe Heart WarmerPast of GekkieSimple Gift
MudThe Kidnap of StuffiesPathway to Love and CareSkaras Christmas Surprise
My First EbilThe KidnappingPatience Found HomeSkylers Bad Fur Day
My Last DriveThe Last Ocean SamoyedPaw SurfingSledding Fox
My PeemelbaThe Legendary White WolfPeanut Brittle at CampSnow Goddess
My TurnThe Lonely Maine CoonPerchance to DreamSnowball Fight Competition
My Way HomeThe MarathonPet Series 1: Nanaki13Snowflake Queen
Mysterious Chubby BearThe Meaning of CouragePixeas Day at the BeachSnowstorm Coming
Mystery at SerelavaineThe Missing NecklacePlight of the RoseSockies
Mystery of Northern Woods IThe PoundPoems for After SummerSol Blade
Mystery of Northern Woods IIThe PromisePoltergeist EvilnessSomeone to Trust
Mystery of Northern Woods IIIThe QuillPound Quartet 1Someone Who Cares
Mystery of Northern Woods IVThe ReturnPowerPets in IsraelSometime To Live
Nalus AdventuresThe Role of a LifetimePP A Place To BeSparkliee
Nalus Adventures 2The Rotten BratPrank Calling PP PDSpirit of the Moon
Nasty LibrarianThe RunawayPrecious JewelSpirits Journey
Necklace for WindyThe Secret QuestPresents PastSpirits Prophecy
Need a Job?The Special ToyProblems of SisterhoodSpring Adventure for Trying
Never Doubt GekkieThe Story of AliProtesting the ShelterSpring Birth
Never Judge a BookThe SurprisePuppy Mill BluesSpring Cleaning
Never Play With ThatThe Tag Read ClichePurrday ExplorationSpring Love
New Baby Pet CareThe Tale of the MutaratsQuest for BarkchemSpring Surprises
New Barkston 2089The Talking ToyQuirky Tails 1Starless Nights
New Barkston HalloweenThe TournamentQuirky Tails 10Starting Out On Powerpets
New Barkston Newspaper 2The Truth About PadamQuirky Tails 2Starting Over
New Barkston WarThe Vernal Equinox is Coming!Quirky Tails 3Stash of the Dark Guardian
New CityTheory One: Dr. SayahhQuirky Tails 4Sticky Fingers
New FriendThiglea the MiniQuirky Tails 5Stone Game - The Sequel
New Kids in TownThrough the Eye of a CatQuirky Tails 6Stop those Thieves!
New Leash and TagTibera and the MysteryQuirky Tails 7Stories of the Metropolis
New LifeTibras Tale, The ForestQuirky Tails 8Stories of the Tundra
New Mini and Aqua EggTidy Up TimeQuirky Tails 9Strange World
New Owner for ChristmasTilly and MelanieRachel the Cool FoxStuck on a Snowy Day
Nick Fang - The ReporterTimetrines EasterRainy Day NoraSummer Lights
Night Before ChristmasTo Be A KnightRemembering ChristmasSurf
Night of TerrorTop Ten Ways to Make MoneyRescue For Mini CitySurprise of the Heart
Niva and the Three DoorsToys and StuffReturn to Nova IslandSweet Dreams
No Chance to Say GoodbyeTrack SchoolRevealing Who I AmTables Turned
Nobodys Purr-FectTrip to the ForestRider goes Bye-ByeTasting It
Not Enough PowerbucksTrixy in RibbonsRoxys BallTears: Sled Collie
Nothing You Love is LostTrue Meaning of ChristmasSad PoundThe Camping Trip
Novas TaleTrue Moral of ChristmasSamThe Destined Rescue
Officer of the MonthTryk Meets GekkieSam Finds Her PupsThe Diamond Cave 5
On My OwnTryk the TricksterSamhainThe Fairy Somali
One Great DayTryks New ClubhouseSamoyed and Collie WarsThe Legend of the Dragon
One Sad FoxTryks Spring Time SisterSamoyed Pup JourneyThe Poundkeepers Pet
Only ChildTryson and the Golden FleeceScalavar the ExplorerThe Problem With Minis
Oofa the Orphan 2Two True Outlaws 2Scary Halloween for Jin-JinThe Real Easter Bunny
Opening Sweet-ThunderUgly Stupid BulldogScent of a Maine CoonThe Stolen Toy
Overcoming FearUnemployed in NBScent of FreedomThe Tax Scandal
Padam PowerUnique CollieSecond ChancesThe Unthinkable
Padam the PupUp to the SkySecret AgentThe Young Sleeping Collie
Padam was FiredWarm ChristmasSecret Destiny of PyroblaizeThea and Kaelins Return
Padams Haunted ShackWarriors Quest 2Secret Enchantments 2This Is Who I Am
Papa?Water LokuiSecret of the LibraryThose Days
Peaceful DragonWeapon WelderSecret ShrineThree Tries of Hope
Peanuts MiracleWhat a MiracleServing The City A TreatThunderball the Collie
Peaseblossom the SamoyedWhat Powerpets is AboutShadowTime to Start Over
Pegasus PresentWhat You Wish ForShadow_Dancer and The WitchTiming is Everything
Pepsi LostWhen An Owner is BlindShadowdancingTips on Toys
Pet HeavenWhen Thunder RollsShadowflameTonaeo and Robynn
Pet Ponies 2: Easter HorseWhen We Ate SlimeShark!Topels Tiny Toy
Pet ThiefWhere is Santa?Sheepdog In TroubleToys
Playing TricksWhy Me?Shinies!Toys at the South Lake
Poems of SpringWhy We Need BeesSiamese Pirates?Trapped and Freed
Poor Powerpet User?Wild City ColliesSilverTrash Can Somali
Power JellyWild Collies II: The FamineSinging to the MoonTreasure of My Heart
Powerpets A-ZWildfireSled LeopardTrouble Blossoms
Powerpets Quiz for BeginnersWill You Be My Friend?Slime BeachTroublesome Dumping
PP Night Before ChristmasWingz Has A Silver BlanketSlime MonsterTroys Summer Vacation
Precious Souls JourneyWinter AdventureSmokeria JetterusTrustworthy
Prevention TipsWinter WonderlandSnow DaysTrykella
Princess of FireWish for WinterSnow GangTwo Boys Toys
Prism Pride 1 BeginningWish of XeniaSnow in OctoberTwo Kinds of Love
Promise by EverestWish Upon a StarSnow NightmareUltimate Responsibility
Protector of the Forest 1Wishing on a StarSomeone to UnderstandUnder the Stars
Protector of the Forest 2Wonderful WishSouth Beach LifeguardUnderground Armory Scam
Puppis TaleWonderland MiraclesSouth Lake AdventureUnderground Easter Secret
Puppy KissesWrath of The Shadow SamoyedSpelunkersUnderstanding Death
Puppy_luvXiang MuseumSpirit QuestUnderwater Village
Pure Evil Somali StuffyYah! I Could FlySpring Into The SeasonUnemployment Blues
Quin 1Yasha, Santa PetSqueakymouse DiaryUnknown Secrets
Quin 2You Light Up the Whole WorldStarting a PP Help SiteUntil Forever
Radioactive Chickens?Yukitos First ChristmasStay Away From the SharksVery Great Christmas
Radioactive DucksZelinthaStill MeVery Rare Fox
Raggy Ann StoleVisit to Padam
Rainforest Storm EscapeVisiting Kate
Reconciliation Story of a SurvivorWandering Around Xiang
Red_Pet Story of BubbaWanted Weapon
Rescue from Padam Story of KaynaWar of the Downfall
Rescue of a Sorceress Story of NoraWarp Ring
Researching the Monster Story of the CenturyWarriors Quest 3
Residents of Ebil Strange EggWater in the Udnderside
Responsibility Street LampWaterfall
Revenge of a Gangster Strength In NumbersWhat About Labs?
Rhysik and Ferret Thieves Summer CampWhat Did I Do?
Risking it All Summer Memories and NewsWhat the Storage Room Stores
Rotten Easter Egg Mystery Sunny Was BuggedWhere Secrets are Told
Royal Diaries of Samoyed SuperHerosWhitediamond has an Ebil Duck
Ruins of Rello Mountain SweetheartWho Sleeps Where?
Run, Kiato, Run Tail of AnnieWhy Are They Being Mean?
Runaway Pets Take a Step at a TimeWhy Do Things Happen?
Running Away Take Me HomeWhy I Play
Running Free Tale of a WriterWilder Intentions
Running to Freedom Tale of The FourWind of Spring
Ryyn and Seriel Tale of the LeopardWinter Fairy
Sahmaras Diary Tassel in the Tool ShedWinter Like No Other
Samara in the Caves Teighan the ExplorerWinter Love
Samoyed Adventures 1 The AbandonmentWinter Night
Samoyed Adventures 2 The Abominable Snow CatWinter of Shamaness
Samoyed Adventures 3 The Autumn Festival FairWish for a Toy
Samoyed Ice The AvalancheWishing Well
Sarias Destiny The Battle of Trekka DenWolf Knights
Saving the Tamak People The Bear BabblesWooden Doors
ScarletAngel The Beautiful KeyXaviyor Tale
Scary Old House The Beauty InsideXiang Chung-Shi
Secret Enchantments The Beauty of LifeYahuli Learns a Legend
Separated The Beauty WithinYou Are My Sunshine
Separated at Birth The Best Birthday EverYours Always, Santa
Shadow Creature The Best is Yet to Come 
Shape Shifter The Best School Day Ever 
Shhhhhh! The Book Collector 
Shivanee the Shopper The Box 
Sitting by the Campfire The Bugs of Kimberroo 
Sitting in a Row The Chasing Moon 
Sky Alone The Christmas Somali 
Slime Apple The Consequences 
Slime Falls The Couple 
Slime In Northern Woods The Couple in the War 
Slime Overdose The Creature 
Snow White The Creepy Fortune Teller 
Snowbys Sacrifice The Croc and the Koala 
So Many Stars The Cruelest Month 
So You Want A Parrot? The Crystal Ball 
Sock Chan, Private Eye The Curse of the Forest 
Solve It Yourself Mysteries The Curse of the Forest 2 
Somali on the Doorstep - 1 The Curse of the Forest 3 
Somali on the Doorstep - 2 The Day Tigers Could Fly 
Somali on the Doorstep - 3 The Dictionfairy 
Somali on the Doorstep - 4 The Dive of a Lifetime 
Somali on the Doorstep - 5 The Dragon Queen 
Somali on the Doorstep - 6 The Ebil Pony Rides Again! 
Sonoma and Forest The Explorers 
South Lake Beast The Fall Experience 
South Lake Nightmare The Flying Feline 
Spirits Friend The Fur Coat Factory 
Spirits Love The Ghost of Talia 
Spoiled, But Not Rotten The Golden Claw 
Spooked the Arena The Great Adventure 
Spring Storm The Great Exploration 
Starlight Wish The Great Library Heist 
Starting a Collection The Great PP_Depression 
Stay Away The Great Sugar Fight 
Stealing from the Thief The Grim Mini 
Steizens Wish The Guardian 
Stella on the Stoop The Halloween Curse 
StephieRose 1 The Halloween Mystery 
StephieRose 2 The Halloween Scare 
Sticky Peanut Butter The Hero 
Still Homeless The HEroine 
Stint the Maine Coon The Hole To Another World 
Storm of Fire The Immortal Knight 
Story of a Destiny The Kanga Crime 
Story of SunnyGirl The Kimberroo Beast 
Strawberrys Patch The Lab Who Found Christmas 
Strength Is Not Everything The Last Midnight 
Sudden Search The Last Stand 
Sugar Cube The Lavender Ribbon 
Sujiteis Holiday Runaway The Legend 
Summoning Firefly The Light 
Surprise in an Egg The Little One 
Swan Egg Rescure The Lonely Pet 
Tabis Easter Break The Long Journey Home 
Tails of New Barkston The Lost and Found Soul 
Tale of a Slime Addict The Lost Collie 
Tales from Padams Shack The Lost Loris 
Tales of Fifi The Masked Collie 
Talibais Legend The Meaning of Love 
Terrible Tale The Midnight Packs Curse 
Terrible Two The Midnight Shadow 
Terrin Learns About Rules The Mini King 
Terrin the Red Fox The Misadventures of Flox 
Terrins Surprise The Misfits 
That Fateful Night The Missing Trophy 
That is my Grandfather The Mouse and the Somali 
The Attic The Mud Monster 
The Beast The Nervous Kitten 
The Bloody House The Night Stone 
The Broken Call The Nightingale 
The Car that Ran The Odd Couple 
The Cave The One Who Was Forgotten 
The Confessions of Coot The Orange Book 
The Contest The Pain of Abandoning 
The Detective The Past of Samoyed 
The Diamond Cave 1 The Place After Death 
The Diamond Cave 2 The Polka Dot Dog 
The Diamond Cave 3 The Power Experience 
The Diamond Cave 4 The Power of Imagination 
The Diary of Eloise The PowerPets Effect 
The Ebil Bear The Quest 
The Element of Ferrets The Raffle Ticket 
The Eve of the Star The Reunion 
The Evil Villain The Riddle 
The Faeries Trial The Rope 
The Fame Seeker The Sad Truth 
The Ferret Family Grows The Sailboat Race 
The FlowerpowerStick 1 The Speed of Courage 
The FlowerpowerStick 2 The Stolen Stuffies 
The Forest Amulet The Stone Dogs 
The Forgotten Birthday The Story of the Stones 
The Golden Bear The Summer Of Kittens 
The Golden Blade The Tinderbox 
The Great Escape The Un-egg-spected! 
The Great Power Pet War The Unicorn Stuffy 
The Haunted Castle The Way Life Goes 
The High Priestress 1 The Whispers 
The High Priestress 2 The World Outside 
The High Priestress 3 Then There Was Charlie 
The High Priestress 4 There I Was 
The High Priestress 5 Think Twice 
The Joshua Tree - Part 1 Tiagon 
The Labrynth Tiger on the Loose 
The Lake Series 1 Tiki and the Ghost 
The Lake Series 2 Times are Changing 
The Lake Series 3 Tinkers Gets Groomed 
The Lake Series 4 Tinkers Lost and Found 
The Lake Series 5 To Be Like Talison 
The Lake Series 6 Toss Hop Kick 
The Legend of Huskor Transported 
The Life of FiFi Treasure Chest 
The Little Leopard Trip in the Deep Woods 
The Little Mini Trip to the Grooming Parlor 
The Lone Samoyed Troubles For Gekkie 
The Lonely Mutant True Friendship 
The Lonely Red Fox True Love 
The Lop that Hated Vegetables Twenty Powerbucks 
The Lost Cat Twin Ponies 
The Meaning of Christmas Two Friends 
The Messed Up Story Ultimate Guide to PP 
The New Little Brother Under the Rain 
The New Puppy Universe of New Barkston 
The Newest Barkchem Scandal Up to the Challenge? 
The Night of IT Vacation Pet 
The Not-So-Great Surprise Vacation Pet No More 
The Nursery Valor and Honor 
The Old Man Vashta Adventures 
The Party Visiting North NB 
The Perfect PowerPet Vlaise Raantwine 
The Power of Ducks Waiting 
The Respected Librarian Water Hole 
The Runaway Mini Waves of Loneliness 
The Secret Glade Weekend Adventures 
The Secret Room What Being Brave Means 
The Shack of Terror What Caring Can Achieve 
The Shamaness Trilogy What Not To Feed Your Dog 
The Somalis Maiden When Days Are Numbered 
The South Lake Monster When Good Pets Go Bad 
The Story of Loyalty 1 When Hamsters Go Bad 
The Story of Loyalty 2 When Jimmy met Trixy 
The Story of Loyalty 3 When Nova Lost His Shorts 
The Tabi Name When the Storm Hits 
The Time Sheba Had to Run Where are the Eggs 
The Toy Maker Where I belonged 
The Toy Sword Who Is Alone Now? 
The Tragic Story of Sammy Who Took It? 
The Tranquility Rock Wiccan Tail Part 3 
The Tricks Wiggins 
The Truth About Padams Shack Will anyone want me? 
The Two Warrior Maine Coons Williams Gift 
The Very Curiouos Kuvasz Windathow 
The Watercolor Collie 1 Winston the Reader 
The Watercolor Collie 2 Wishes Do Come True 
The Watercolor Collie 3 Wolf Spirit 
Theroy the Thiglea Working Wonders 
Tiakas Wedding 1 World Domination 
Tiakas Wedding 2 Worst Day at the Beach 
Tiakas Wedding 3 Yado 
Tidbit Yard Work 
Time to Share Yard Work Stinks 
Tin Knight You Be The Judge 
Tips to Avoid Scams You Mean the World to Me 
Tivo the Ferret Young Explorer at Heart 
To Be Human Zuni the Blue KinA4 
To Chase a Star   
To Go Home   
To Spill or not to Spill   
Tonic Trouble   
Too Busy   
Tooth Fairy?   
Totaos Friendship   
Tournament Champion   
Toy Terror   
Training Collie   
Training Troubles   
Trick of Treating Alone   
Trimming the Christmas Tree   
Trip to New Barkston 1   
Trixies Jealousy   
True Blue How To   
True Friends   
True Love - A Poem   
Truest Friend   
Tryk Thanksgiving Lunch   
Trykas Stuffy   
Trykes Trike   
Twinkle and Snuggy   
Two Siblings 1   
Two Siblings 2   
Two Siblings 3   
Two Siblings 4   
Two Siblings 5   
Two Siblings 6   
Two Siblings 7   
Two Siblings 8   
Two True Outlaws   
Ukin and his Moosey   
Undefeated Collie Warrior   
Vanity and Greed   
Very Veggie Easter   
Visions of the Future   
Voice of the Black Void   
Voxen the Mailman Terror   
Voxens Bad Fur Day   
Voxens Book-Coholic Owner   
Wacky Block of Cheese   
Waiting in the Fields   
Wake Up, It is Christmas   
Walk in my Shoes for a Day   
Wanting a Mini   
Warriors Quest 1   
Wasted Wishes   
Weaklings First Halloween   
What About Elexius   
What Color Should I Be?   
What is Creeping in the Sewer?   
What Powerpets is All About   
What Really Happens?   
What Stinks?   
What to Do with Your PB   
When Love Finds Me   
Where Did the Choco Go?   
Where I Belong   
Where the Shadows Grow Dark   
Where the Water Grows Deep   
Who is Watching You?   
Wiccan Tail   
Wild Collie I: The Beginning   
Wild Collie III: The Pack   
Wild Collie IV: Newcomer   
Windrops Costume   
With Me Always   
Wolfit: A Collie Story   
Wont Anyone Adopt Me?   
Working in Simply Delicious   
Xantium 1   
Xantium 2   
Xantium 3   
Yard Sale Globe   
Yearning for Sorrow   
Yet to be Discovered   
Young Arctics Horrible Mistake   
Young Fairy Girl   
Youth Gem   
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