History of the Shipwreck

In 1592 a wooden pirate ship sank near the edge of Abyss. The crew was captured by an English ship, while the Captain is said to have gone down with the ship.
Strange noises are still heard from the Captain's Cabin.

What is the Shipwreck Quest?

You can explore the ship every 360 minutes after start.
You are asked to bring back a weapon. After bringing the weapon, you are asked a question about one of the stories in the PF Library. Note: You need to own property in one of the PF cities to have access to the library.
If answered correctly, you will be rewarded with one of the 4 colour pearls.

Pearls can be used to purchase a meal at Shark-o-Bell, spices at Spice it Up or items from Nessie's Fancy Fish.

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