Who is Lisha?

Lisha is a Rock Dassie that lives in Tanos. Tanos is a desert and it can become very hot during the day.
Because of this, Lisha is very thirsty and is therefor also called the Thirsty Lady.

Lisha's Quest

When you open Lisha's Quest, you can choose between the Easy or the Hard Quest.
The Easy Quest will ask for 3 a bit cheaper drinks.
The Hard Quest will ask for 4 drinks. These can be drinks that are unbuyable and have a rarity over 1000.
For both quests counts, it can be done every 360 minutes after completion.
After you brought back the drinks, both quests will ask a question from one of the Pet- and Healthpedias.
When you have answered correctly, you will receive one of the below coins:

Easy Quest:

Hard Quest:

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