The Job Agency

The Job Agency is one of the many tasks of Gekkie. He will give you a selection of items to get in return for PBs and an item.
At the Job Agency you can choose between two colors of job cards, blue or gold
The Job Agency Card has to be in your backpack if you want to do a job.
If you choose to do the blue card, you will need the Job Agency Power Card in your backpack.
If you choose to do the gold card, you will need the Job Agency Gold Card in your backpack.

What's the difference between the two cards?

The differences of the two cards are:

Job "levels"

After 10 jobs (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc.) you reach a new "level". The items you need to get will change. For instance first you need to bring back 1 toy with a rarity of 990 and after reaching a "new level", Gekkie will ask for 2 books of rarity 990 and 991.
The more jobs you have done in a Job Cycle (300 jobs), the more pbs you get in return.
Note: per job in one level the payout will differ too, some jobs may payout a tad less than the one you did before. Each "level" has their own range of payout. For example: jobs 1 - 10 give a payout between 2,500 and 2,700 pbs. Job 1 might give you more than 2,600 and job 2 might give you just a little over 2,500 pbs.
When you hit a new "level", you will notice the payouts are higher than the ones of the former "level".

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