Creepy Caves

The Creepy Caves is a quest, which can be done every 120 minutes after completion.
You cannot venture into the caves by yourself. Alfred Hoarobina, or Bungee, is the only one that knows the way in the caves.
You can choose 1 of the 4 caves. Each cave has their own items to bring and their own prizes.
After bringing the required items, Bungee will ask you a question from one of the Pet- and HealthPedias.
The reward will follow if the question is answered correctly.

Cave 1:

This cave will ask for 3 cheaper toys.

Cave 2:

This cave will ask for 3 books.

Cave 3:

This cave will ask for 4 hardware and drink items.

Cave 4:

This cave will ask for 4 toys and/or stuffies.

Once you have all different Bark Puzzle Pieces, you can visit the riksja driver.

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