Barkchem is the old Factory, where Padam Snide resides.
Padam will ask for an item, this can be a things like a toy or a weapon.
You only have 60 minutes to find the item and bring it back. If you fail within the hour, a box will be thrown to your head and the level will be set back to 0.
Inside the box is also an item. What item can be found below.

This quest can be done once a day.

Next level:Item:
2Burnt Popcorn
3Whoopie Cushion
4Apple Core
5Hazzards Chewy Rope
6Bubble Necklace
7Chewed Paddle Ball
8Raw Egg
9Jar of Buttons
10Flat Basketball
11Broken Brick
12Corrective Horseshoe
13Broken Tennis Racket
14Padams Parachute
15Padams Gloves M
16Padams Boots
17Hazzards Rubber Ball
18Broken Walkie Talkies
19Toy Plane
20CA Padams Hat
21Padams Dirty Sock
23Paper Airplane
24CA Padams Eye Patch M
25Padams Toothbrush
26Padams Shovel
27Padams Watch
28Hazzards Chain
29Rusty Doorknob
30Used Napkin
31Frozen Chicken
32Clam Chowder
33Pickled Eggs
34Raw Onions
35Pickled Pigs Feet
36Broken Board
37Cracked Hazzard Paw
38Deflated Inner Tube
39Ripped Bulldog Stuffy
40Ripped Radioactive Funny Bunny
41Broken Surfboard
42Broken Cellphone
43Broken Ring of Hearts
44Padams Coat
45Padams Mailbox
46Padams Garbage Truck
47Padams Shack Squeeze Toy
48Bag of Leather TBC
49Jar of Pure Slime
50Jar of Pure Slime
51Bag of Leather
52Bag of Steel
53Bag of Titanium
54Bag of Diamonds
55Bag of Pure Slime
56Bag of Pure Slime
57Light Space Rod
58Sapphire Space Rod
59Ruby Space Rod
60Night Space Rod
61Hazzard Stuffy
Complete first timeRuby Stone
Complete with stone on profilePadams Stuffy

Note: This list will be double checked. If you find a level to be incorrect, please let me know. Most of these have been double checked, but you never know.
So in advance: Sorry if you get the wrong item due to this list.