How can we go to Farnox?

First steps:

To go to Farnox, you will need to build a ship and a mining bot at the Exploration Center in Xiang-Chung Shi.
To do this, first you will need a complete blueprint for each. You can obtain a complete blueprint by collecting blueprint pieces (4 for each, 8 in total), which are given out randomly by a mysterious character in exchange for Vitara.
To produce Vitara, first you need a Vitara Processor. This is a type of building you can build on empty land so you will need to purchase land in a PF City to build yourself one. Once you have a Vitara Processor, and you have a produced a minimum stock of five Vitara, the mysterious character will begin visiting you and offering you blueprint pieces in exchange for five Vitara. Note: You actually need to click to trade, so you need to pay attention to the random events. Fuel goes into the fuel cell (obtainable in Nothing Rare Here), which was needed when you built your ship and you need one for the bot (so 2 fuel cells are needed).
Once you have a complete blueprint, you can begin construction of your ship or mining bot. You will not receive any blueprints until you have built a Vitara Processor and have generated at least 5 Vitara. Once that is done, you just need to fill them with fuel, which is also Vitara, and your ship or mining bot is ready to go!

How to get the ship and bot pieces?

To complete your ship and mining bot you will need some special ship and mining bot parts. You can get them here:
- Ship:

- Mining Bot: Note: Some of the above pieces are only available when you are actually starting building the ship/bot.

Exploration Center

At the Exploration Center you can see how many blueprints-pieces you still need. If you have all the pieces, you will be able to start building the ship and mining bot there. After finishing building both the bot and the ship, you can go to the ship-details (hover your mouse over the ship-icon at the Center and click on details).

What can you do at the Ship Details?



You will need to launch your ship at the Exploration Center. It will take around 39 hours for the ship to reach Farnox (or PP if you return home). It will use 19 to 20% fuel for this trip.

To see how long the ship is still in space, click on the little ship below the money in your wallet.


You can get Ship Engine Upgrades. These are available in Nothing Rare Here under the tab Special.
The Ship Super Engines cost 5,000 KBs and will make your ship go 25% faster than the original engines (instead of 39 hours, it will take 34 hours).
The Ship Ultra Engines cost 25,000 KBs and will make your ship go 50% faster than the original engines (xx hours instead of 39 hours).