Farnox, a history

What is Farnox?

Farnox is the home planet of PowerPets. Once upon a time, Farnox was a lively and thriving planet, with more resources than anyone could ever dream of. Yet the ecosystem was fragile and careful balance had to be maintained. Small mouse-sized creatures called farnees were at the core of the Farnox ecosystem. With very short lifespans of just a few weeks, any disruption to the planet that affected farnees could be a disaster.

What happened to Farnox?

One day, it happened. In an effort to weed out the spread of a virus that made the PowerPets ill with coughs, fever and itchiness, a spray was developed. You see, small ant like insects would feed on the PowerPets, leaving behind a small bite mark from where they sucked out their blood. Everyone assumed it was the ants that were spreading disease so the PowerPets developed the spray to rid them of the ants. The spray worked wonders and soon the PowerPets were no longer bothered by the ant bites.

Not much time had passed before they realised that they had made a grave mistake with the ant spray. As the ants died off, the PowerPets noticed that the farnees around them were becoming more dirty each day. The farnees also became listless, refused to eat and stopped reproducing. With the farnees short lifespans, it didn't take long for their numbers to dwindle.

Without a decent number of farnees constantly tilling the soil and fertilizing it with their excrement, commonly referred to as 'muck' on Farnox, the vitara rich soil turned acidic and plants started to wither away. Then something even worse happened. Just as their attempts to reverse this ecological disaster started, the factory where the ant spray was produced had a major fire, spreading the millions of gallons of ant repellent into the atmosphere. The few ants they had managed to recover now disappeared and were presumed dead. The situation became dire.

The elders of Farnox decided the only way to save their race was to send off as many PowerPets as possible into the universe to search for a habitable planet. A few would remain behind to live in artificial environments, attempting to survive on what little oxygen and food the remaining plants produced. Over countless decades, these artificial environments failed and many of the remaining PowerPets met their unfortunate end. Rumour has it there are only a handful of survivors scattered across Farnox.

Is there hope for Farnox?

The levels of ant repellent are no longer toxic, so once again, Farnox may have a future. If only they could bring back some of the lost technology and animal power they once had. For now, no other creatures can survive on Farnox until small colonies have been re-established and more oxygen and food can be produced. Anyone who can make their way back to Farnox will be granted a small plot of land to cultivate. Once sufficient oxygen is produced, a PowerPet will be allowed to return.

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