All about Farnees

Hatching an orb

Now that you have found orbs and have ants, you want to hatch your orb.
Click on one of your orbs and then choose to hatch. Hatching takes 24 hours, you can see the time at the hatchery (the little nest icon). Once the hatching is done, you will get a message.
When the orb has hatched, you need to go to the Hatchery. You can name the farnee here and assign ants. There is a current max of 3 ants per farnee. When all that has done, release the farnee to the field. After releasing the farnee, you can no longer assign ants to it. So be sure to assign as many ants as you wish (up to the max of course).

If you don't release, you can't hatch another orb or collect muck!

The average lifespan of the farnees hatching from orbs from the Catena area is 30 to 50 days. When the farnee feels the end of their life is near, they will run away to lay some orbs and pass peacefully. The ants that were assigned to the farnee that runs away, will return to the farm.

Farnee growing up

There are several farnees. The stages of each are:
Catena (level 1)
- Adorable Orb: Houndlet -> Houndell -> Hound -> Hounddog
- Aquatic Orb: Barnoulbabe -> Barnouljun -> Barnoulteen -> Barnoul

Dorsum (level 2)
- Archangel Orb: Aeok -> Aeke -> Akio -> Aike
- Celestial Orb: Bane -> Bodger -> Biddy -> Bertie
- Cobalt Orb: Cerb -> Cerbei -> Cerbrak -> Cerbal

Fluctus (level 3)
- Emerald Orb: Kubri -> Kubrit -> Kubrill -> Kubra
- Hoarfrost Orb: Tigi -> Tiga -> Tigu -> Tiig
- Ivory Orb: Lune -> Laine -> Leanari -> Lunaris
- Oasis Orb: Mimi -> Midge -> Marnie -> Madden

Undae (level 4)
- Obsidian Orb: Frostling -> Frenzy -> Freeze -> Frozen
- Pixie Orb: Pann -> Panz -> Panzu -> Panzee
- Realistic Orb: Squacorn -> Squa -> Squee -> Squali
- Tawney Orb: Hydro -> Hydra -> Hydrae -> Hydri
- Toxic Orb: Krakie -> Kree -> Kraa -> Kraken

Palus (level 5)