Arriving at Farnox

The first time you arrive at Farnox, you are given a barn and a transmission tower. This is your piece of land on Farnox. As you have read in the information from the Ambassador, the barn is where everything happens. The transmission tower is used to communicate with the bot.
When you click on the ship just under your name (if your ship is at Farnox and not travelling), you will see icons for your Transmission Tower, your barn and your ship. The information you received from Segue (The Ambassador) will provide more information about these areas. Click on each of the icons to see what you can do in each one. When you click on the Transmission Tower, you will read that the larger your Tower is, the further your bot can travel (upgrades are not available yet). Clicking on the barn will provide you with the status on your Bots, Farnees, Ants, and Orbs. Clicking on your ship will provide more information on your gummies, ship and bot(s). This is the place to take actions, such as unloading gummies from your ship, sending out your bot for a specific task, and launching your ship. It is also the area where you will keep track of how many gummies you have left. You may begin using this area to control your gummies, bot and ship as soon as you land on Farnox. When you are very low on the amount of gummies on your ship, you will need to send your ship back to Powerpets to fill the ship with additional gummies. Remember that ants will die if they don't have gummies to eat.

What to do on Farnox?

As is said above, you do pretty much everything using the barn at Farnox, except unloading gummies or your bot.
First thing you want to do is unloading the bot and the gummies. This can only be done through the ship icon at Farnox, as long as your ship is at Farnox only.
Once unloaded both, go to the barn and click on the Mining Bot on the right side. Right left to that bar, another box will open with the options for the bot.

You first want to start looking for Ants, since they are needed to take care of your farnees and orbs. Once you have a couple (let's say, about 10), you could also send out the bot for Orbs. Orbs are usually harder to be found, so it may take a couple of trips for the bot to find an orb. You can store max 2 orbs, so after 2 orbs, it's better to start looking for ants again.

You can fuel your bot by using the fuel of your ship. 5 fuel for your bot is 1 fuel from your ship.
If your ship's fuel is at 39%, you can't refuel your bot. You will need to send your ship back to PP in order to be able to fuel your ship and send back to Farnox.

Collecting muck

When your first farnee hatches and you have set it out in the fields with ants assigned, you will start collecting muck.
You don't actually have to do anything for now to collect it. The farnee(s) will produce the muck, part of it goes into the soil, the other part is collected by the ants and brought to the barn. The muck-storage in the barn can hold 10,000 muck.
Every 10% health of the piece of soil, you will notice a tiny change. Grass will start growing. You won't really see it at 10%, but it's there!

Boom Barn

The Boom Barn has been released.
The Boom barn is where you can get upgrades for the Transmission Tower, Barn and field. In exchange for muck you can get the upgrades.
A 5th spot on the field will cost you 5,000 muck. The 6th spot will cost 10,000 muck.
For the transmission tower, you need 10,000 muck to upgrade. After the upgrade your bot is able to travel to Dorsum, where two different orbs can be found, as well as orange ants.

Since Farnox is still being explored and being released step by step, this page will also be expanded step by step.