Ambassador Segue's information

- A long time ago, an ecological disaster struck Farnox. In an attempt to protect the powerpets from ants, a spray was devised. Later on, the powerpets discovered that the disappearance of the ants caused Farnees to become dirty, listless and eventually dead. Just as they tried to restore ecological order, there was a major accident at the factory that created the ant spray, covering most of the planet with this insecticide. No more ants could be found, and Farnee eggs would no longer hatch.
Oxygen levels dropped, food became scarce. Many Powerpets were sent away in ships to various corners of the universe, leaving only a handful of them behind on the planet in hopes they would one day find a solution.
After some Powerpets made their way to Earth, much knowledge was lost over the years as Powerpets had very limited access to pure food grade vitara. Their intelligence levels dropped as the little bit of Vitara Juice they brought along had to be saved for the Elders.

- Make sure you load your mining bot onto the cargo hold of the ship and fill the rest of the cargo hold with gummies. Gummies will be needed for food to feed the ants you will find on Farnox. These ants will improve the health of the farnees and keep them clean and happy.
Farnox is still not habitable by humans, so. your bot will be the only one to travel in the ship. Make sure not to try to send your pet, because he would not survive.
Once your ship and bot travel to Farnox you will be given a small farm to cultivate. It will have some land, a basic barn. In the barn you can store shredded gummies to feed ants. The barn also has a hatching area for Farnee eggs and a Farnee egg storage area.

- Your barn is the centerpiece of your farm. It performs many tasks. Because your barn provides power to other areas of your farm, often times you will need to upgrade your barn to keep up with the demands.
The first thing you will use your barn for is to store the shredded gummies you brought over on your ship.
Any ants you have that aren't assigned a specific task will love hanging out in your barn. As long as there are gummies for them to eat.
Your barn can also store orbs (farnee eggs). This way you can send out your mining bot more often and build up a small stash for the hatchery.
Last, your barn is where ants will bring all the muck they have collected from your farnees. This muck can be sold to the Farnox Council in return for farm upgrades.

- An important piece of equipment on your farm is the transmission tower. This tower communicates with bots you send out. The more you improve your tower, the further your bots can go to complete their tasks.

- Mining bots can go out and dig for ants or orbs (farnee eggs). They will only search for what you send them out to find. Once you send out your bot, you cannot recall it. It will return when it is finished searching.
Bots communicate with their farm via the transmission tower. Upgrade the tower to improve your bot's performance.
To refuel a bot, you can either take it back to the Exploration Center, or you can siphon fuel from your ship.

- Orbs that your mining bot has collected contain farnees. You can store them in your barn or hatch them in your barn so they can roam on your farm and excrete fertilizing muck. From the moment the farnee egg hatching process starts, they require ants to care for them in order to increase their odds of survival.
Farnees have limited lifespans. Their lifespan can be increased with proper care. Assign more ants to a farnee to improve their health.
When a farnee nears the end of its life, it will run away to the place where its orb was originally found. The farnee will dig a hole and excrete two orbs before it passes away.

- In order to expand your farm, you need to have a sufficient amount of ants to care for your farnees. Keep an eye on the levels of gummy food available for them. If you run out of food, your ants may die or run away.
Ants that have no job to do because there are too many of them for the amount of farnees you have, will only use up resources and drain your farm.
Ants not only keep farnees clean, they also collect their muck and bring it to your barn. Ants will only take whatever muck isn't absorbed by your farm's soil. The healthier your farm, the more muck ants will collect.

- We have found the sugar and fat contents in Gummies are ideal to feed the ants. Once they return, Farnees can once again hatch and do their job of restoring the planet's eco system. Until oxygen levels are increased and more food becoms available, no humans or animals will be allowed on the planet. Bots will have to take care of the initial start of your farnox farm.
When exploring the planet, it is important to know that ants should be found before hunting for any eggs. If you find an egg and attempt to hatch a farnee without having any ants to care for it, the contents of the egg will quickly die.
The planet has a wide assortment of topographies, each one supports life in some way.