How to navigate on PP?

On the left side you will find:
- Envelop icon: This will bring you to the Powermail (pmail).
- Puppet with a text balloon: This will bring you to the Beginner's Board of the forums.
- Smiley with headphone: The link to the Feedback Forms.
- Locate bar: Type the name of a location you want to visit and it will show right below the bar.
- Explore tab: Under this tab, you will find the main cities of Powerpets.
- Account tab: You will here for example your backpack, your shops and your bookshelf.
- Games tab: This will bring you to several areas containing games, such as the games room.
- Social tab: Under this tab you will also find the Pmail and the Poco Center. - Forums tab: As it pretty much states, you will find the forums you have access to under this tab.
- Federation tab: When you have land deeds, you can buy property in one of the PF cities.
- Site tab: You may want to check out the events calendar to see what is going on this month. Or you'd rather want to see who is part of the staff. You can find that all under this tab.
- Help: You can find the bug-reports here. If you come across a bug and you are not sure if staff is aware, you can check this report to see if it is a known bug.

On the right side you will find:
- Powerpets Instant Messenger (PIM): if you have a new message, you will see a cottontail standing up with a megaphone and the amount of unread messages.
- Seasonal Game: This box may be empty if there is no seasonal game running that month.
- PF Contest: With this link you can put a guess on an item with a chance to win it. This box may disappear if there is no active contest.
- Bingo: Using this link, you can start playing bingo. Always watch the winning pattern (darker blue pattern).
- Newest Updates: Here you can read what is going on on Powerpets, see the draw of Luck of the Draw and MegaMoneyMadness.
- Action Team: You can see directly what events the Action Teams (AT) are running, just for you to play. Always read the how to play, rules and deadlines, they can change.
- Auction House: Here you can buy or sale items, pets and minis. The average resale value need to be over 200,000pbs in order to sell.
- Party Room: Here you will find the active players that are celebrating their birthday today. During the months of gifting, you may find a list with the open baskets, bags or trees.

As you are navigating on Powerpets, you may come across pages that you want to visit often.
If you see the outline of a star on the right side near the top, you can favorite the page.
Go to the page you want to make a favorite, click on the outline of the star and it'll turn yellow.
When you move to a new page, you will see an icon on the left side of that top bar. This icon is the fast access to link to the page you made a favorite.

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