Daily Freebie

Every day you can get a daily freebie by using the link at the homepage of Powerpets.
You can click on one of the 6 options:

  1. Luck of the Draw Card
  2. 2,500 pb
  3. Lucky Silver Coin
  4. Job Agency Power Card
  5. Chubbs Tac Toe Card
  6. Box Breaker Coin

Except for the 2,500 pbs, each item can be sold or used.
To sell the items, you will need to open a shop.
1. Luck of the Draw Cards can be entered into the House of Luck in Badgeria.
    If you are a winner, you will receive 100,000pbs per winning number, a trophy on your profile
    and your name will be mentioned in the updates.
2. 2,500 pbs will go straight to your wallet.
3. Lucky Silver Coins can be used at the Fortune Cookie Machine in East New Barkston.
    You can win items, strength for your pet (gain and lose) and pbs.
4. Job Agency Power Card can be used at the Job Agency in East New Barkston.
    Select the blue card at the agency, return the item(s) within 2 hours and get pbs and an item as reward.
5. Chubbs Tac Toe Card can be used at the Ticket Booth in East New Barskton.
    You can win pbs or gain nothing.
6. Box Breaker Coin can be used to play Bubba's Box Breaker in the Games Room (invite only).
    You can win an item or choose to deal and win pbs.

Other freebies

The other freebies are:

These freebies will give you items or pbs.
Kyla's Perch will also give you a fact about an animal
The slime you get from Northern Woods, you can feed to your pet for it to gain strength,
or you can use the Slime Compactor in North New Barkston. Compacting slime will give you powerbucks too.

Play games

You can play games every day. The first 5 cash outs will let you gain Game Tokens.
There are also a couple of games that will require you to have Game Tokens, so you might not want to transfer all Tokens into PBs.
To turn Game Tokens into pbs, click on the pb amount in your wallet or go to the Banking Center in North New Barkston.
Click on Transfer Funds, select Game Tokens from the top dropdown menu and select Wallet or Short Term Savings Account at the bottom. Type the amount you want to transfer and the tokens will be turned into pbs, which you can use.

Collecting games

You also have the collecting games, called stockers. You can put items into the stockers (Note: Once put into the stocker, you cannot get the item back.)
For each item you put in, you get PowerBucks. How much you get depends on how many items you have put into it. The first gives only 10 pbs, while the 100th item will give you 1,000 pbs. This may seem just a little, but there are cheap (or even free) items that you can buy that will give you a profit, especially in the Toy's Chest and Chef's Choice. There are 5 kind of stockers:

Just start collecting and you will gain pbs soon.

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