How to feed and play with my pet?

The more you move around the site, the more hunger and the more bored your pet(s) get.
Powerpets has different ways to show your pet needs attention.
1. You check your pet's details, by clicking on the pet, next to your wallet, in the upper right corner and check the bars Hunger and Mood. These bars are on the right side, below the pet.
2. When right next to the Smiley with headphone (see how to navigate), a cat's head will show. This means that one of the bars of your pet's is down to 50%

To feed or play with your pet, you have 2 options:
a. Have a food or toy in your backpack, click on the item to get to the item details page and choose the pet from the drop down menu next to the item and click Take Action.
b. Go to the pet details page, by clicking on your pet and then click on Feed/Play to find restaurants (feed) or playzones (play) from other players.

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