How to adopt your first pet on Powerpets?

Once you have made an account on PowerPets, you can adopt a pet.
The best place to go for your very first pet is the Adoption Center.
You have the choice out of 75 pets, although you will see 81 pets.
There are 3 pets which state *Limited*, these are only available once you reach a certain goal.
There are 2 pets which state *Not adoptable*, these can only become a pet when you use the DNA Machine
And there is 1 pet that is retired. The only way to get this pet is buying it in the Auction House.

Name your pet

You will need a name for your pet.
On Powerpets all users and pets have a unique name. This means, there are no two pets or users with the exact same name.
If you want to make sure the name you have in mind for a pet is not taken, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner
type the name of your choice in the search bar, select pet from the drop down menu and click search.
If it states "No pets found", the name can be used. If you see an icon appear with an image of a pet, the name is taken.
Note: The name is not different if you use or don't use capitals.

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