This site is currently work in progress, so please be patient.

Welcome to Steen's Knowledge of PowerPets

Or for short: SKoPP

September 21st '21: Fenda the newest mini has been added.

May 4th: The Pet Environments have been added. Good luck

April 15th: Kyla's Knowledge (as far as I have collected) has been added. When receiving new information, it will be added to this list.

April 14th: Pegg hunt lists have been added. Sorted in two ways. Pegg and Shell Hunt

April 13th: The minis in each of their cream rinses have been added. About Pets and Minis below the list of pets.
Also a list with what mini comes from what evo egg has been added. Click here for the list.

March 31st: You can now see how the pets will look with each fur tonic. About Pets and Minis

March 25th: The books for the bookshelf have been added to the site. It's divided in Special, Nonretired and Retired
The bookshelf

Here you will find several guides.
For both the beginner and the more advanced player
Below are just a few of the guides you can find.

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As you can see, the site is not finished, but I'm working on it. If you have any suggestions, or know a lot about a game or two (something that will be added later), you can pmail me (steenbokker) on PowerPets or send an email to
Although I might not hand out PC coins, your wishlist may hold an item or two....

This site is currently work in progress, so please be patient.